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Id Artist Title Description Format Price
254467 SIDNEY BECHET The greatest jazz collection "Top Class Historia, 1980, DLP2-776, EX/M. Gatefold sleeve. Double vinyl." LP £19.16
269240 SIDNEY BECHET The sidney bechet collection "déjà vu recs., 1986, DVLP2066, Pressed In Italy." LP £13.85
32818 SIDNEY BECHET The unique mr bechet Marble Arch, 1960, MAL 1228. NM/NM. LP £20.23
300037 SIDNEY BECHET The unique mr bechet 12 track marble arch records 1960 mal 1228 ex ex LP £14.90
202288 SIDNEY BECHET Unique mr bechet 13 track marble arch mal 1228 mono ex ex LP £25.55
248815 SIDNEY BECHET -BOB WILBER Sidney bechet - bob wlber 13 track commodore classics in jazz 1981 xfl 15774 ex exl LP £25.55
298721 SIDNEY BECHET -MEZZ MEZZROW The prodigious bechet mezzrow quintet and septet double album 24 track double album gatefold sleeve festival records album 117 ex ex LP £21.29
377680 SIDNEY BECHET ABD THE NEW ORLEANS FEETWARMERS Master by master in chronological order (1940 - 1941) 15 tracks, Joker recs., 1974, SM 3572, EX/EX LP £8.40
312318 SIDNEY BECHET AND ALBERT NICHOLAS Creole reeds 12 tracks, London recs., 1950's, HA-U2035, EX/EX, slight surface marks LP £12.77
248794 SIDNEY BECHET AND SAMMY PRICE Back to memphis 8 track reissue of 1956 recording vogue records 1978 pressed in france jla 51 ex ex LP £25.55
207699 SIDNEY BECHET AND THE NEW ORLEANS FEETWARMERS Sidney bechet and the new orleans feetwarmers Joker Recs., 1974, SM 3573, NM/NM, PS. LP £12.77
232560 SIDNEY BECHET CLAUDE LUTER Saint louis blues -royal garden blues 2 track vogue extend paly epv 1047 rare ep jazz classics vol2 ex ex 7 inch £42.58
277961 SIDNEY BECHET MEZZ MEZZROW Blues with bechet double album gatefold sleeve with booklet 29 tracks concert hall records 1964 kj 1258 exex LP £25.55
319635 SIDNEY BECHET MEZZ MEZZROW Blues with bechet 28 track double album in hard card sleeve with booklet concert hall records 1964 kj 1257/8 ex ex LP £25.55
347156 SIDNEY BECHET MEZZ MEZZROW Blues with bechet 29 track double album hard back book type sleeve with booklet concert hall records j-1257/1258 exex LP £17.03
337700 SIDNEY BECHET WITH BUCK JOHNSON SIDNEY DE PARIS Jazz classics volume 2 10 track reissue of blp 1202 vol2 simulated stereo pressing blue note records bst 81202 usa exex LP £21.29
310648 SIDNEY BECHET WITH SAMMY PRICE'S BLUESICIANS Sidney bechet with sammy price's bluesicians 8 track vogue records lae 12037 uk 60s issue ex ex LP £17.03
379831 SIDNEY BECHET, MUGGSY SPANIER AND HIS ALL STARS A tribute to sidney bechet Ember Records, 1965, FA 2009, ex/ex LP £12.00
341804 SIDNEY BECHET, MUGGSY SPANIER, BILLY KYLE, REX.. A tribute to the late sidney bechet 9 tracks, Ember International, 1960's, EMB 3330, EX/EX LP £11.71
279588 SIDNEY BECHET, MUTT CAREY, WILD BILL DAVIDSON Giants of traditional jazz RCA / Savoy, 1984, WL70513, EX/M, double LP. Gatefold sleeve. LP £15.97
376293 SIDNEY BECHET, MUTT CAREY, WILD BILL DAVISON Giants of traditional jazz 31 tracks, RCA / Savoy Jazz, WL70513(2), EX/EX, gatefold sleeve, double LP set LP £10.64
300046 SIDNEY BECHET-CLAUDE LUTER Olympia concert 10 track pye golden guinea records ggl0315 1965 ex ex LP £10.08
354658 SIDNEY BECHET-COLEMAN CLAYTON-ART TATUM-RED NORVO- Faces of jazz 10 track concert hall records club 100e gatefold sleeve exex 10 inch £12.77
284238 SIDNEY BECHET-JOE SULLIVAN QUARTET Sidney bechet -joe sullivan quartet-ep 4 track recorded new york summer 1945 issue in 50s on tempo records exa 7 vg ex 7 inch £14.90
243510 SIDNEY BECHET-MEZZ MEZZROW Really the blues ep 6 track ep pop parade-concert hall records bpc 715 1963 ex ex 7 inch £31.93
331180 SIDNEY BECHET-MUGGSY SPANIER A jam session 9 track ember records mono se 8023 1973 ex ex LP £12.77
301642 SIDNEY BECHET/CHARLIE PARKER/COLEMAN HAWKINS/ECT Jazz sampler 10 track jazztone records gatefold sleeve usa 1955 j-spec-100 ex ex 10 inch £42.58
94186 SIDNEY BECHET/MUGGY SPANIER Expolosion ember records mono 1973 reissue 9 track se8023 ex ex LP £30.86
366671 SIDNEY BECHETAND THE NEW ORLEANS FEETWARMERS The king jazz story vol.3 16 track joker records 1974 sm 3573 pressed in italy exex LP £12.77
253927 SIDNEY BICHET The complete sidney bichet vol 1 &2 RCA. 1979. NL89760. NM/NM. French pressing. Gatefold. Double LP. LP £25.55
224569 SIGI SCHWAB It's ragtime "Jupiter Records. Undated. 624813. EX/NM. Ex-library stock, stickered sleeve. German pressing." LP £14.90
323810 SIIDNEY BECHET AND SAMMY PRICE Back to memphis 8track vogue records pressed in france 1978 recorded 1956 jla51 m/m LP £14.90
361353 SIL AUSTIN Honey sax 10 track sss international records sss #4 usa pressing stereo 1969 exex LP £14.90
378473 SIL AUSTIN HIS TENOR SAX AND ORCHESTRA Sil austin plays pretty for people 8 tracks, Philips recs., 1960's, M-4002, EX/EX, pressed in Japan 10 £13.44
300494 SILENT KID Jub jub 4 track gatefold sleeve diagnosis music private pressing m/m CDS £6.38
289484 SILENT POETS Potential meeting 5 track bellissima records pressed in germany 1994 9004 ex ex LP £17.03
203186 SILK Fuseone 4 track gatefold cti records cti 9006 1981 gatefoldsleeve stereo ex ex LP £25.55
303780 SIMON AND BARD Musaic 7 track flying fish 1980 ff243 usa pressing featuring larry coryell unplayed ex ex LP £17.03
257782 SIMON AND BARD FEATURING LARRY CORYELL Musaic 7 track flying fish records 1980 usa pressing ff23 unplayed m/m LP £14.90
320092 SIMON RATTLE The jazz album 11 track emi his masters voice digital 1987 067el 7 47991 1 gatefold sleeve m/m LP £17.03
12976 SINATRA BASIE An historical musical first Reprise Records, 1962, EX/VG, Gatefold Sleeve LP £23.41
378628 SINGERS UNLIMITED Eventide MPS Records, 1978, 0068.196, EX/EX, pressed in Germany LP £8.40
378629 SINGERS UNLIMITED Eventide MPS Records, 1978, 0068.196, EX/EX, pressed in Germany LP £8.40
312815 SIR CHARLES THOMPSON Sir charles thompson sextet and band 9 track vanguard records vrs 8529 1973 ex ex LP £17.03
379832 SIR CHARLES THOMPSON AND HIS ALL STARS FEATURING CHARLIE PARKER / J.C. HEARD AND HIS ORCHESTRA The fabulous apollo sessions Vogue, 1970s, LDAP. 769, VG/EX, pressed on France LP £6.00
331236 SIR CHARLES THOMPSON QUARET Swingtime in the rockies swingtime in rockies -honeysuckle rose-these foolish things-sweet grogie brown vangrard ppt 12007 dark blue label ex vg 10 inch £8.52
2110 SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET Border wave Chrysalis Records LP £14.90
162540 SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET Border wave 10 track chrysalis records chr 1330 1981 vg ex LP £17.03
278574 SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET The collection double album gatefold sleeve 21 track castle communications ccslp 133 ex ex LP £25.55

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